Congratulations to the Dunedin Brewers Guild for winning the Florida Cup 2005 and to all others who participated this year!

For complete 2005 Homebrew award listings check out the Dunedin Brewers Guild website.

Homebrew Club of the Year

The Dunedin Brewer's Guild with 69 points and 32 medals!


Tampa Bay BEERS in second place with 41 points and 20 medals.

Central Florida Homebrewers in third place with 24 points and 14 medals.

Other Participating Clubs

SAAZ with 8 points and 5 medals.

Palm Beach Draughtsmen with 8 points and 3 medals.

Bradenton Brewskis with 4 points and 2 medals.

Hogtown Brewers with 2 points and 1 medals.

North Florida Brewers League with 1 points and 1 medals.

(No Club Affiliation) with 4 points and 2 medals.

MASH with 0 points and 0 medals.