These are the rules from the 2006 Homebrew Competition. They are here as an example and are liable to change for 2007.


The Best Florida Beer Competition at the Florida State Fair and the Club competition are open to all homebrewers in Florida and members of Florida clubs who reside out of state.


Those wishing to judge or steward, please contact the Judge Director, KK, at or 727 734-6968. Judges may enter beers, but will not judge in the categories they have entered. Every effort will be made to include at least 2 BJCP judges on each flight


Entries should be categorized following the 2004 AHA/BJCP style guidelines. Categories may be combined in the event an insufficient number of entries are received. Entrants will not be limited to the number of entries per category, but only two entries per subcategory. Each entrant is responsible for placing his or her entry in the proper category. Meads and Ciders will be accepted and will have their own Best of Show.


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First Place winners in each category (combined or not) will be awarded a custom pint glass with the Florida State Fair logo and "First Place" on it, along with a very shiny BFBC award medal suitable for sleeping with. Prizes will be awarded for the first, second, and third place finishers in each category.

Best of Show Beer will be presented with a beautiful Trophy.

Best of Show Mead/Cider will receive a wonderful prize.

The 2006 competition will continue with the annual tradition of the passing on of the "BEST HOMEBREW CLUB IN FLORIDA" trophy. This trophy will be presented to the Homebrew Club in Florida with the most points at the State Fair Competition. Points will be accumulated by scoring three points for a 1st place, two points for 2nd and one point for 3rd.

Additional points will be awarded for:
Best of Show Beer five points for 1st place, four points for 2nd place and three points for 3rd place.
Best of Show Mead/Cider is awarded 3/2/1 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Entry Forms

Entry Form and Bottle ID

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