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About the BFBC

The Best Florida Beer Championships is a not for profit organization founded in the year 2000 by craft beer lovers, homebrewers, and commercial brewers in the Tampa Bay area. Our goal is to promote and celebrate the responsible consumption of locally made craft-brewed beer in the state of Florida. We sponsor two competitions. The first determines the best commercial beer made and sold in Florida and the second awards the best homebrewed beers in Florida. During the year we also host other beer-related events and promotions: Try This! attempts to find the perfect matches of different food flavors with craft beer. The Brewers Ball where all of the gold-medal-winning commercial beers are showcased during an afternoon of live music, awards and probably one of the best beer raffles in Florida. Trophies are given for the top three commercial beer and homebrewed beers. The final event of the year is the BFBC Leftover Party where we invite the general public to taste the leftover homebrew entries and give instruction on how to properly judge a beer

By encouraging and recognizing outstanding brewers and their beer, BFBC hopes to provide a focal point for advertising and promoting craft brewed beer on all levels in Florida.

Welcome to the Best Florida Beer Championships site for 2013!

NEWSFLASH: BFBC 2014 is in the works! We are currently organizing all of the events for next March!

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