Brewers Ball Tier 1

Brewers Ball is a celebration and awards ceremony for the Florida brewing community. As such, we have depended on volunteers for setting up/tearing down the festival. This is a unique experience for the pro brewers since at a typical beer festival they are expected to do all of the work (supply, beer, setup/teardown draft boxes, pour beer for the public). As the event gets bigger, this is becoming a bigger challenge. Growth of BFB resources and volunteers will be necessary to keep up with the proliferation of the industry and the event.

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 Total Hours: 72

This person is responsible for all issues related to the breweries that participated in the BFB Pro Competition and the set up of draft beer at the festival and will work closely with Brewers Ball Logistics Leader, Ticket/Guest Services Coordinator, BFB Commercial Competition Organizer and Raffle Organizer.

  • Announcement of BFB Winners
  • Draft letter with BFB Commercial Competition Organizer for announcing BFB winners.
  • Create plan for acquiring and returning festival kegs
  • Prepare BFB Draft Equipment
  • Secure supplies for festival
  • Coordinate for draft setup/tear down/maintenance
  • Return kegs to breweries
  • Lead a volunteer day cleaning BFB Equipment
  • Clean and Store BFB Equipment

Total Hours - 40

  • Setup EventBrite Event and Homebrew Club Discount Codes(5 hours)
  • Work with Brewer’s Ball Draft Coordinator to Set up comp tickets and discount codes
  • Support homebrew/pro-brewer inquiries into ticket discount codes, refunds etc.
  • Organize Brewer’s Ball Volunteers
  • Send orientation email to entrance volunteers and call volunteers to confirm.  
  • Lead ticketing volunteers taking e-tickets printed from EventBrite and distributing wristbands
  • Distribute food wristbands to VIPs and Volunteers.

Total Hours – 44

  • Secure Prizes
  • Organize prize baskets
  • Secure Grand Prize
  • Find Assistants
  • Get Supplies
  • Run raffle

Total Hours – 22

Be prepared to assist the Raffle Coordinator in completing the following tasks – Securing prizes from local donors; Organizing prize baskets (including gathering supplies and organizing donation into prize allotments); Find Assistants; and Running the raffle on the day of event.

Raffle Coordinator should be taking the lead on all planning and scheduling.

Assistant Raffle Coordinator