Homebrew Tier 1

Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds, careers, and all walks of life. Some are highly trained active judges , stewards, and others are just starting out.  Others spend their days working in hospitals, in restaurants, as veterinarians, educators, students, web-developers, or artists.  We’re continually surprised to learn where volunteers come from and why they choose to volunteer their precious time for competition work.  The answer is always unique but almost everyone has something in common. They are there to learn, sample some great beers, and contribute their unique set of skills.

Now Accepting Tier 1 Volunteers for 2019

To see a detailed list of responsibilities, click on the volunteer title. If you would like to volunteer for a Tier 1 position please email vphomebrew@bestfloridabeer.org

2019 Staff

Head Organizer - Nicholas Stephens - Special Hoperations

BJCP Recognized or higher preferred

Total Hours – 170 Hours


  • Determine competition dates

  • Register comp with BJCP

  • Setup Reggie online entry system

  • Schedule judging locations

  • Arrange entry drop off locations

  • Publicity via social media, print and visiting homebrew club meetings

  • Recruit Tier 1 primary volunteers & Assistant Organizer

  • Communication with Tier 1 Volunteers

  • Schedule sorting and labeling of entries

  • Judging session materials

  • Judging Sessions

  • Communication with entrants

  • Awards Ceremony

  • Presentation of Awards at the Awards Ceremony.

  • Send results to BJCP

  • Income and expense tracking

  • Assist Tier 1 Volunteers as necessary

  • Attempt to setup an entry "railroad"

  • Be familiar with BJCP competition rules and regulations http://dev.bjcp.org/competitions/rules-regulations/

Position Open 

Total Hours - 50 Hours

Duties as assigned by competition coordinator: Various duties and responsibilities as assigned by Competition Organizer. May include:

  • Arranging competition venues for potental week day judjing

  • Arranging additional entry drop off locations

  • Recruiting Tier 1 assistant volunteers

  • Setting up judging locations

  • Publicity – emails, club meeting visits, flyers to brew shops, etc.

  • Labeling Party – planning and running

  • Judging sessions – planning and running

  • Judging session materials – creating, printing and delivering

  • Communication with entrants

Head Position Open 

2019 Staff

Assistant Judge Director - Preston Dolinger - Pinellas Urban Brewers Guild

Total Hours – 48 Hours

  • Solicits judge participation (especially for out of town judges) – using mailing lists provided by the BJCP.

  • Coordinate & Collect Gifts/Prizes/Rewards – Anything used to entice judges to participate

  • Coordinate the Judging of Entries – Helps the competition coordinator to assign specific judges to flights. If pre-scheduling is done may coordinate the placing of each judge within each flight, ensuring they do not judge their own entries, and also trying to sit judges on the styles they wish to judge.

  • Assigns Judges to second round and BOS Panels – Coordinate with competition organizer and Registrar.

  • Confirms the points earned by a judge which is sent to the BJCP – Make sure the points are accurate and recorded by BJCP in a timely manner.

2019 Staff

Head Cellar - Chris McAlexander - Pinellas Urban Brewers Guild

Assistant Cellar - Patrick Spencer - Pinellas Urban Brewers Guild

Total Hours – 46 Hours

You may need to transport large numbers of beer bottles. Must have adequate transportation.

  • Work with Organizer to ensure judging venue can accept shipped and delivered entries OR collect and store entries

  • Obtain bottle boxes from local stores or breweries to organize entries

  • Coordinate with Registrar – Works closely with the Registrar in coordinating the check-in process where all entries are gathered, labeled, sorted, and stored at the conclusion of the registration period.

  • Lead and attend entry sorting party

  • Brief volunteers about the process of unpacking, sorting and labeling of entries at the sorting party

  • Help to Pull Flights – Works closely with the Registrar in coordinating the check- in process where all entries are gathered, labeled, sorted, and stored at the conclusion of the registration period.

  • Deliver entries to head steward at each judging session

2019 Staff Members

Head Steward - Mike Ryan - Pinellas Urban Brewers Guild

Assistant Steward - Stan Buhring - Pinellas Urban Brewers Guild

Total Hours – 46 Hours

  • Solicits Steward participation – Make sure all local clubs are contacted.

  • Coordinate & Collect Gifts/Prizes/Rewards – Anything used to entice stewards to participate

  • Train Stewards – Ensures all stewards are trained and familiar with the processes and paperwork involved with each judging flight. Hold a briefing before each session.

  • Coordinate the Stewarding of Entries – Helps the competition coordinator to assign specific stewards to flights. If pre-scheduling is done may coordinate the placing of each steward within each flight, ensuring stewards are available for all flights and all judging sessions

Position Open 

Total Hours – 45 Hours

  • Hotel Discounts – Secure discounts at area hotels for participating judges/ stewards. Pass on information to webmaster of www.bestfloridabeer.org for posting to site.

  • Shuttle Service to Event(s) – secure transportation from hotels and/or area hubs for homebrew clubs to and from event. Co-ordinate with area clubs for hub location.

  • Lunch – If we are using the same caterer/restaurant as before, job is as simple as re-securing the menu/pricing for lunch to be served during judging. Also secure bread or oyster crackers & water for judging rounds.

  • Judges Gift Bags/Gifts – Contact local vendors, breweries, and distributors etc. for donations or items to purchase in bulk for judge gift bags/gifts.

  • Setup a Friday night social / hospitality event for final judging weekend. Book possible transportation and setup online ticketing solution if needed.

2019 Staff

Head Registrar - Karen Hahn - Tampa Bay B.E.E.R.S.

Total Hours – 82

  • Initial Competition Creation

  • Initial Competition Setup

  • Setup REGGIE

  • Work with the Competition Organizer and other volunteers to get the bottles sorted, organized, and labeled.

  • Work with the Competition Organizer to set up flights for judging.

  • Attend judging (and pre-judging) events

  • Collect the Flight Summary sheets from the Head Steward at each judging session.

  • After the BOS judging has completed, print medal labels and winner list for Awards Ceremony Coordinator

  • Monitor the Awards Ceremony, prepared to provide technical support or data support as necessary.

  • Ask webmaster to post a link to the REGGIE results once posted

  • Print BJCP judge point reports

2019 Staff

Assistant Registrar - Mary Taylor - Brandon Bootleggers

Total Hours – 20-40

The Assistant Registrar will perform any duties of the Registrar as directed by the Registrar. There are two goals for the Assistant Registrar:

1. Help share some of the workload of the Registrar, and be able to cover times when the Registrar is not available (for example, handling pre-judging sessions)
2. Gain knowledge, experience, and training so that the Assistant Registrar can be ready to perform all of the duties of the Registrar in the future.

Hours: 20-40, depending on level of involvement and previous experience
Completion Date: various duties from mid-January through the date of the final judging and awards (typically, the end of February)

Position Open 

Total Hours – 47 Hours

  • Determine/Secure Awards Ceremony Location

  • Determine attendance capacity of venue minus reserved space for Teir 1 Volunteers and BFBC Board

  • Setup an online ticket solution and admission processes with assistance of VP of Homebrew and Head Organizer.

  • Food – Coordinate with vendor to supply food for the attendees. See Head Organizer for budget.

  • Beer – Coordinate with local brewers to get donated beer for event. Ensure venue will allow outside beer.

  • Raffle Prize Coordination – Work with Prize Coordinators to make sure medal winners know process for collecting awards and prizes.

  • Emcee/Medal Presentation – Present or find a presenter to call out names of award and Raffle winners.

2019 Staff

Prize Coordinator - Jenni Mastal Adams

Total Hours – 31

  • Modify standard request letter that can be obtained from VP of Homebrew

  • Organize Solicitations

  • Organize Category Sponsors

  • Communicate with Website Manager

  • Pickup & Receive and Inventory Prizes (with Assistant)

  • Organize prizes for medal winners into labeled bags for each category

  • Set-up Prize Table at BFBC awards (with Assistant)

  • Write and mail thank you letters

  • Send sponsor names & logos to Competition Organizer so they may be added to REGGIE & BFBC Website

Position Open 

Total Hours – 18

  • Organize Solicitations

  • Send Requests

  • Pickup and Receive and Inventory Prizes

  • Setup Prize Table at BFBC awards

  • Write and mail thank you letters