Professional Tier 1

Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds, careers, and all walks of life. Some are highly trained active judges , stewards, and others are just starting out.  Others spend their days working in hospitals, in restaurants, as veterinarians, educators, students, web-developers, or artists.  We’re continually surprised to learn where volunteers come from and why they choose to volunteer their precious time for competition work.  The answer is always unique but almost everyone has something in common. They are there to learn, sample some great beers, and contribute their unique set of skills.

To see a detailed list of responsibilities, click on the volunteer title. If you would like to volunteer for a Tier 1 position please email

Total Hours – 170 Hours

  • Determine competition dates: Communicate with BFB and FBG to determine date for competition
  • Register comp with BJCP
  • Set up Reggie online entry system
  • Schedule judging locations
  • Arrange entry drop off locations
  • Publicity
  • Recruit Tier 1 volunteers
  • Communication with Tier 1 Volunteers
  • Schedule sorting and labeling of entries
  • Judging session materials
  • Judging Sessions: Attend all judging sessions
  • Communication with breweries
  • Best of Show presentation at Brewers Ball
  • Send results to BJCP
  • Income and expense tracking


Total Hours – 50 Hours

This position assists the Competition Organizer with all aspects of running the competition. Time involved is difficult to determine and will depend on the number of tasks assigned and volunteered for. The level of participation would be agreed upon in early November once all of the Tier 1 positions have been assigned.

Duties as assigned by competition coordinator: Various duties and responsibilities as assigned by Competition Organizer. May include:

  • Arranging competition venue
  • Arranging entry drop off locations
  • Recruiting Tier 1 volunteers
  • Setting up judging locations
  • Publicity – emails, club meeting visits, flyers to brew shops, etc.
  • Labeling Party – planning and running
  • Judging sessions – planning and running
  • Judging session materials – creating, printing and delivering
  • Communication with entrants

Total Hours – 48 Hours

  • Solicits judge participation (especially for out of town judges).
  • Coordinate & Collect Gifts/Prizes/Rewards
  • Coordinate the Judging of Entries
  • Assigns Judges to second round and BOS Panels
  • Confirms the points earned by a judge which is sent to the BJCP


Total Hours – 46 Hours

**You will need to transport large numbers of beer bottles. Must have adequate transportation.

  • Collect & Store Entries
  • Coordinate with Registrar during the check-in process where all entries are gathered, labeled, sorted, and stored at the conclusion of the registration period.
  • Deliver Entries to Each Judging Session
  • Help to Pull Flights

Total Hours – 46 Hours

  • Solicits Steward participation – Make sure all local clubs are contacted.
  • Coordinate & Collect Gifts/Prizes/Rewards
  • Train Stewards
  • Coordinate the Stewarding of Entries

Total Hours – 45 Hours

  • Hotel Discounts – Secure discounts at area hotels for participating judges/ stewards.
  • Shuttle Service to Event(s)
  • Coordinate Lunch
  • After-Party Planning
  • Judges Gift Bags/Gifts – Contact local vendors, breweries, and distributors etc. for donations or items to purchase in bulk for judge gift bags/gifts.

Total Hours – 82

  • Initial Competition Creation
  • Initial Competition Setup
  • Set up Competition Database
  • Work with the Competition Organizer and other volunteers to get the bottles sorted, organized, and labeled.
  • Work with the Competition Organizer and Judge Directory to set up flights for judging.
  • Attend judging (and pre-judging) events, or collect the Flight Summary sheets from each judging session.
  • After the BOS judging has completed, generate any reports necessary for the Awards Ceremony (list of medals, etc.).
  • Monitor the Awards Ceremony, prepared to provide technical support or data support as necessary.
  • Broadcast Results from Reggie
  • Print BJCP judge point reports

Total Hours – 20-40

The Assistant Registrar will perform any duties of the Registrar as directed by the Registrar. There are two goals for the Assistant Registrar:

  • Help share some of the workload of the Registrar, and be able to cover times when the Registrar is not available (for example, handling pre-judging sessions)
  • Gain knowledge, experience, and training so that the Assistant Registrar can be ready to perform all of the duties of the Registrar in the future.