The purpose of Best Florida Beer is to aid in the development and promotion of both home and commercial Florida brewers, their craft beers and the community of brewing enthusiasts. BFB accomplishes this by organizing fair and credible competitions that distinguish excellence in beer with qualified judges. In addition we increase awareness of commercial breweries through consumer education, marketing, events and competitions.

BFB strives to serve as a model of cooperation in its effort to unify the Florida brewing community by establishing partnerships and cultivating resources with like organizations statewide.


Integrity through careful selection of well-qualified judges and fair competitions
Value delivery through distinguished and reputable practices, guidelines and feedback from judgings
High quality product and beer promotion
Reciprocation to those that contribute to the organization in any way


BFB strives to be known as the entity that hosts the premier beer festival and competition in Florida.


The primary goals of Best Florida Beer, Inc. are to:

  • Create recognition and prestige for Florida beers.
  • Broaden the judging pool for Florida beer competitions
  • Promote brewing at any level
  • Distinguish excellence in beer through Florida beer competitions.
  • Monitor and assure a healthy beer industry within the state
  • Foster and promote the Florida brewing industry


  • organizing Florida competitions for both homebrewers and commercial brewers
  • creating awareness of brewing techniques and principals through marketing, events and social engagement
  • establishing partnerships with organizations statewide and cultivating resources together as a team in the craft beer industry