Professional Judge and Steward Sign-Up

Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds, careers, and all walks of life. Some are highly trained active judges, stewards, and others are just starting out.  We need your help to make Best Florida Beer Professional a success! Please register to help with our competition. Please review the DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES below. Then follow the links below to REGGIE so you can register to help with the Professional Competition.




  • Do not judge in a category you have entered.

  • Review the style guidelines for the category you are judging before you begin.

  • Discuss the general characteristics of an entry, but do not attempt to influence opinions of other judges. Be patient, tactful, and respectful of others. The head judge may approve continued discussions if appropriate.

  • Seek guidance from the judge director if you notice another judge practicing any questionable behavior.

  • Be objective in judging to style guidelines, even if this is not a style that you personally enjoy.

  • Strive to maintain anonymity of entries.

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  • Assist organizers and judges as needed.

  • Make sure all required materials are present at the assigned judging table.

  • Ensure that everything required for judging, including openers, cups, pencils, scoresheets, ice, dump buckets, water, and crackers/bread is at the assigned table prior to the scheduled start for the judging.

  • Bring beer for the given flight to the judging table. Double-check to be sure all of the entries assigned to the given flight are in your box. Arrange the bottles in sequential order, as specified by the judges.

  • Remember that some beers will contain sediment &emdash; treat them gently.

  • Maintain proper serving temperatures during judging. 50° F is a good temperature for ales. Lagers may be served colder. Use ice as needed to maintain proper serving temperature.

  • Replenish bread, water, cups, forms, etc. as needed.

  • Empty dump buckets as needed or at the request of the judges.

  • Fill in the cover sheet and flight scoresheet at the discretion of the head judge. Check scoresheets, cover sheets, and flight sheets to be sure they have been fully and accurately completed. Point out potential errors to judges and request they correct them. Staple the cover sheets to the scoresheets.

  • Do not empty opened bottles or discard bottle caps until instructed to by the judges. Some entries may need additional evaluation at the end of the flight.

  • The judges may permit stewards to sample the entries along with them; however, stewards must refrain from attempting to influence the judging.

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